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We offer a comprehensive solution for all your dryer repair needs!

You need a dryer in your home to dry your clothes for everyday use. If your dryer isn’t working properly, it should be fixed right away. You can count on the Coquitlam Appliance Repair team for all your repair needs.

There are many different components in a dryer, and it is a complicated appliance that requires professional assistance if it malfunctions. In order to restore your dryer back to its original working condition, Coquitlam Appliance Repair uses the right tools and approach.

At Coquitlam Appliance Repair, customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Some common dryer problems include

The Dryer Produces Too Much Heat

A dryer that is functioning but producing too much heat may need dryer repair services. The most common causes of this problem are blown fuses and defective heating elements.

Your home is at risk if your dryer produces too much heat, as it can cause damage to your clothing and create a fire hazard. There may be several possible causes of the problem, including a blocked vent, a faulty thermostat, a defective heating element, an igniter and flame sensor that are damaged, or a broken heating coil.

Do not use your dryer until the problem has been resolved. If you need dryer repair services in Coquitlam, we can provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.

The Dryer Won’t Spin

Although it is a common problem, there are several reasons why your dryer may not spin. It is often the belt that prevents the dryer from turning. By hand turning the drum, if it rotates easily, the belt is probably damaged or detached.

Other possible causes include a faulty roller, motor troubles, or issues with the drum sides, drum bearing, or the roller axle. There are times when the dryer won’t turn due to a faulty motor. It can be tricky to pinpoint the issue since several parts need to be removed in order to get to the root of the problem.

The Dryer Won’t Start

You may not be able to turn on your dryer for many reasons. There may be a problem with the door switch or a thermal fuse. If you need dryer repair service, call Coquitlam Appliance Repair.

If your dryer doesn’t turn on, ensure the power is on and all the necessary cords are connected. The plug can be tested by plugging something else into it if you suspect it is faulty.

It is possible that there is another problem besides the plug, such as a malfunctioning thermostat, timer, door switch, drive motor, control board, or start switch. It is important to make a professional call to ensure that the issue is identified and resolved as soon as possible.

The Dryer Takes A Long Time to Dry

You may find that the dryer takes too long to dry your clothes, which means that you are just tumbling your wet clothes in the dryer without drying them. If your dryer is malfunctioning, there are several possible causes.

There are several possible causes of this problem, including a blown fuse, an airflow issue, a broken temperature switch, a blocked vent restricting airflow, a broken thermostat, damaged heat coils, a broken blower wheel, or even a faulty timer.

To ensure your dryer’s complete performance, Coquitlam Appliance Repair will examine and fix it.

The Dryer Doesn’t Heat Properly

It can be frustrating to see your clothing wet after using the dryer. It means your dryer is not working properly and not producing heat to dry your clothes. You may need to replace dryer parts to resolve the issue, but our skilled technicians can handle your repair needs.

An electric or gas dryer may not heat properly because of a tripped circuit breaker, a damaged igniter, a clogged vent, a defective thermostat, or a lack of gas flow. There are other possible causes of this problem, including a faulty thermal fuse or a damaged heating element.

Get professional assistance from Coquitlam Appliance Repair if you can’t get your dryer running or don’t have time.

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